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Miamary <> Atelier G+S workshop

During last 15 years, we started many cooperation in connection with the buildings of the Swiss Embassy. Miamary works on behalf of the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics of the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs as project general planner. The work is coordinated by our architectural office ( Atelier G+S Architekten und Planer AG ) in Burgdorf in collaboration with Miamary mainly via video conferences and occasional visits on site. The cooperation is very professional, solution-oriented and efficient. The company, like Miamary, is active in all areas of architecture and general planning services. The work is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Rolf Grossenbacher Dipl. Architect HTL/STV at Atelier G+S

From day one, Miamary analyzed the project very well, planned then implement on high quality. Our site visits mainly was for project handover and takes 2 site visits, During the project implementation, Miamary was able to sent a very professional and detailed report for the project progress, Miamary surprised us with work quality and timing

Alfrid Qatar Airways Consultant

Very committed company, professional and organized, all other companies should work with you

Mohamed Shiref Tamweely Micro Finance

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Ayman Gabr

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